Optimized Routing

In today┬┤s highly competitive market environment telecom operators need network assurance and service assurance innovations to help maintain high quality customer experience for today's complex services that cross multiple technologies, vendors, and interconnect partners.

Network management can also deliver the value-add required to reproduce the robust, real-time, and high-quality attributes of the PSTN in the highly-versatile content delivery engine we know as IP.


hexLCR Optimized Least Cost Routing with hextraffic is an integrated solution addressing the challenges of the telecommunication market.

The main task of The Optimized Least Cost Routing part is to find commercially and technically optimal routing of traffic according to given criteria and boundary conditions. Routing optimization algorithm in general takes into account cost functions, associated with either prices of procuring a service or service components from partners or cost associated with internal (network) resources; cost function can also be expressed in terms of service quality, resource capacity or other constraints entering the routing scheme.

The Traffic Analysis part of our solution is based on our proven BI solution modules, including ETL and analytical engine. This approach offers operators a new and unique possibility to manage traffic performance based on real time (as far as data sources allow for it) actionable information.

The solution offers end-to-end network performance overview indicating technical as well as commercial impact:

  • monitoring of profitability;
  • increase of profitability;
  • reduction of operational cost;
  • easy introduction of new services to the market;
  • differentiated services on converged network.

The determination of most optimal network operation can be achieved with active routing analysis:

  • quick reaction is necessary in highly competitive and mature market;
  • capacity planning.