Unique Solutions, Unique Mix

Hexagon is a global provider of analytical and real-time Least Cost Routing and Fraud Management solutions to global communications service providers in wireline, wireless, broadband and VoIP. More than any other global tech provider, Hexagon distinguishes itself in the field on a number of pivotal key fronts.

For over 15 years Hexagon has been actively developing our own specialty platform solutions for deployment into highly-varied, large-scale service provider environments. The Hexagon product portfolio is limited to a handful of powerful products, each of which provides solutions that address specific challenges and concerns; and all designed to maximize profitability and efficiency.

And we complete the service-cycle with complete implementation and consulting services, which makes us unique in the tech and telcoms field. No other company offers the comprehensive mix of products and services backed up by years of experience that so effectively answer the real needs of telcoms service providers today.

Service Excellence

Service matters, and the client comes first. Quality solutions are paramount, but are only as effective as the service that comes with and delivers them. We design solutions in close collaboration with the client and implement them, seamlessly, into the client’s operations. With close follow-up procedures and full operational support we ensure that the client is equipped to take full advantage of their newly optimized operations.

A portfolio of successfully implemented projects means we are able to employ proven project components and solutions in new projects, which significantly reduces both risk and development times for the client. And we take particular pride in our proven track record of completing projects on time and on budget.

Every customer has a different business model in terms of specific challenges and priorities, infrastructure and the organization of business processes and resources. Solid, extensive analysis, proactive problem detection and troubleshooting, and real optimization makes for comprehensive, service-driven solutions that maximize profits and process efficiency. That’s the real Hexagon service advantage.

Advanced Technologies

Navigating the highly complex landscape that is the interconnect business requires expert command of advanced algorithms, mediation and analysis, statistical post-processing, traffic schemes, network resources, systems architectures and more. Similarly, definitive command of the applications and processes these advanced technologies drive is an integral part of any comprehensive user solution.

Expert Team

Hexagon brings years of experience in implementing large management support systems to each and every project we undertake. We provide our clients access to innovative, state-of-the-art technologies in software development. And we build exceptional flexibility and efficiency into all of our solutions, which ensures systems are custom-designed according to a vast array of customer requirements.

Strong, effective solutions are the result of well-seasoned teams and individuals who understand the specific issues and the larger field, who know precisely what the client needs to solve, succeed and excel. Only ongoing research and exhaustive analysis gives rise to intelligent, comprehensive solutions. The Hexagon advantage is borne of extensive experience with expert working knowledge of a defined range of business processes, from telecoms and commerce to banking, finance and insurance.