Optimal Routing

Better Management, Better Business

The main task of hexLCR is to find the commercially and technically optimal traffic routing scheme according to given criteria and boundary conditions.

hexLCR delivers key routing information required to optimize routing, taking into account cost functions related to procuring services or service components from partners or costs associated with internal (network) resources. And cost functions can also be expressed as service quality, resource capacity and other key factors impacting the routing scheme.

Telecom operators today need innovations in network and service assurance to maintain quality customer experience for complex services that span multiple technologies, vendors, and interconnect partners. And only exceptional, innovative network management solutions, like Hexagon’s hexLCR, deliver the value-added required to deliver quality, robust and real-time IP features to the PSTN.

Manage Traffic Performance – in Real Time

Traffic Analysis is based on our proven BI solution modules and offers operators a unique way of managing traffic performance in real time.

End-to-end network performance overviews indicate technical as well as commercial impacts:

  • monitors profitability;
  • reduces operating costs;
  • makes the introduction of new services easy;
  • differentiates services on converged networks.

Most optimal network operation can be achieved with active routing analysis: because fast reactions are imperative in a highly competitive and mature market, and solid capacity planning is essential.

Business Benefits and Improvements

hexLCR helps users employ resources efficiently by identifying and utilizing free network capacities before investing in network (resource) extensions and by adjusting (internal) traffic routing.

Ultimately, hexLCR constantly monitors and controls the entire operation’s commercial performance:

  • reports on service profitability and performance can be generated on a daily, hourly or on-demand basis;
  • supports strategic decisions, helps analyze market trends and behavior;
  • network resource utilization reports help users plan capacity, keep CAPEX within optimum limits.

Traffic and routing analysis identifies lower cost routing alternatives and ensures maximum revenues on those routes. And the hexLCR system identifies the non-billable “phantom calls” that industry statistics cite constitutes 50% of all interconnect traffic.

Efficient, Optimized Pricing

hexLCR serves as a system monitor, a price list and routing manager, an analysis tool and a report generator. And an efficient LCR system bears primary responsibility for ensuring maximized error-free operation.

The process of buying and selling traffic is comprised primarily of contracts and agreements with partner operators and of analyzing purchase price lists. So efficient price management that can effectively detect changes in purchase prices and quickly adjust selling prices is key.

And hexLCR provides specially designed operator price list templates in different formats that can be imported automatically, semi-automatically, even fully manually.

Every operator price list is checked for data consistency and its correctness fully verified. New operator price lists can be defined any time, with template prefix and destination tables automatically updated.