Service Performance Testing

Service Testing System

The hexQC system provides everything users need to ensure their operations are performing to their full potential, with flexible interfaces, intuitive configurations, intelligent emulation and powerful evaluation tools.

Fully Automated Testing

The hexQC service testing system enables users to implement service assurance policies by providing fully automated testing of subscriber network services, subscriber self-care modules and key back office system functions.

Flexible Interface Definitions

With hexQC, users get the power to flexibly define system interfaces with IT systems and network elements via an array of integration schemes, including SOAP web service integration, HTTP interface emulation, database level integration and file exchange integration. Similarly, the system facilitates SIP/SS7 integration to network elements and SMPP integration with SMS-C, and emulates user actions using GUI robot modules.

Intuitive Configurations

A smart service testing system enables users to configure test sets, rules and schedules, all with the aid of a highly intuitive user interface. And a number of out-of-the-box models for several IT system and network elements allows operators to quickly and efficiently implement a number of key functions, including mediation, rating, billing, CRM and more.

Smart and Flexible Emulation

The hexQC system is intelligent and flexible enough to emulate service usage two ways, either by reproducing it directly on a network or through a mediation system interface, for calls, messages and similar.

Evaluate and Present Test Results

The service testing system provides users with an invaluable aggregated overview of the entire system, with fully detailed drill-down capability, and the option of evaluating specific tests down to the level of captured user interface screens.

This way users can generate single-screen presentations of report groups, create dashboards for illustrative presentations of results, and enjoy support for various report formats (table, tree, pie, bar & line chart, special charts), as well as produce aggregated overviews and detailed drill-downs. And an array of automatic alerts notifies users when any deviations from standard values (email, SMS or SNMP threshold alerting capability) are detected, rounding out the full hex testing and evaluation scheme.