Commitment Management

Invoicing and Reporting

Invoicing is a key component in the larger interconnect billing scenario, and should be as efficient as it is accurate – and very low maintenance. The hexICB solution prepares interconnect invoices and creates interconnect reports for comparison with incoming invoices, so transactions are clear and cleared.

Invoice Printing and Distribution

Payments can be processed either automatically or, when required, entirely manually, and invoices printed and distributed quickly and efficiently.

Balance Management

Balance management consists of a number of key functions that ensure operations are optimized for fast and secure clearing and administration. Manage credit risk, together with security and advance payments, and clear bilateral agreements automatically.

Cashflow Control

Good cashflow control means credit risk and security payments are managed accurately and reliably.

Dispute Management

Fast and efficient dispute management is key to ensuring operations run smoothly, and open questions are properly, productively resolved. Aggregate control, together with detailed destination comparisons as well as CDR correlation comparisons are all important inputs in the larger management and solution equation.

Processing and Evaluation

Near-real time balance evaluation and fast traffic reprocessing makes for optimal response and response times; and paired with illustrative trend evaluation features completes Hexagon’s powerfully comprehensive Interconnect Billing solution.