Real-time Routing

Smart, flexible and secure

Hexagon’s hexRT Real-time Routing Management component is part of the company’s larger, highly comprehensive routing optimization and interconnect billing solution; and plays a key role in working alongside the other components in the product group to ensure smart, flexible and secure Real-time routing functionality.

Automatic routing

As a flexible solution it provides support for several products with different routings, as well as support for fully automatic routing and automatic emergency re-routing.

As an intelligent management tool it tracks interconnect partner prepayment level credit limits and automatically blocks carriers exceeding specified limits. It facilitates internal payment processing, with an interface to ERP financial data, and allows for the processing of RADIUS accounting data.

Real-time Routing Management employs high performance design built around fully redundant, multiple server architecture, and provides automatic failover in the case of equipment malfunction. And it employs an interface to the core network using an intelligent network or SIP interface.

Solution for the most demanding routing scenarios

A flexible algorithm determines the optimal routing scheme, taking into account an array of key variables such as price, volume, time of day, historical routing data and manual routing rules. Flexible routing rules take account of mandatory routes as well as blocked routes, available capacity and traffic split rules.

All of which makes Hexagon’s hexRT the truly comprehensive Real-time Routing Management solution to even the most demanding of routing scenarios.