WiFi and Mobile RADIUS Server

Authentication and Authorization

Hexagon’s hexAAA solution is an effective tool for managing IP address allocation and integrating fast SMS notification with RADIUS proxy support. HexAAA delivers full, comprehensive support for PAP, CHAP, EAP-TLS, EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, and provides Transparent MAC authentication. Similarly, the system allows for transparent roaming in multiple NAS environments. The system enables operators to determine user profiles and verify users’ charging policies and rate plans. Similarly, operators gain IP address information and have control over maximum session duration, bandwidth and important QoS parameters.

QoS and Charging Features

Quality of service and smart charging schemes are of paramount importance for operators everywhere. Hexagon’s hexAAA gives users full control over session times, volumes and bandwidth. Similarly, operators can effectively manage rates, balance quota reservations and take full advantage of flexible charging interfaces. And comprehensive accounting manages various charging and billing schemes like free access, charging by session duration, volume of transferred data and more.


Wi-Fi Offloading

Wi-Fi offloading is a powerful and effective tool that answers a variety of needs and delivers very tangible benefits for all users in the chain. As mobile users use increasingly more smart devices and access more rich content over mobile networks traffic over these networks is always growing.

Operators can reduce network and signaling congestion on their mobile broadband networks by offloading mobile IP data traffic while maintaining connections to their customers. This in turn frees up bandwidth for other mobile users. Further, operators can manage growing demand while keeping costs under control, while users can enjoy quality services regardless of their location and choice of network. And poor local call reception can be substituted by connecting via wired services.

B2B Partnerships and Advertising

B2B Partnerships represent an important source of potential revenue and reach, which extends to hotels, public venues, events, hospitality, retail, banks, transportation and more. Operators can take good advantage of schemes that bundle free public Wi-Fi access, monetize Wi-Fi access, and advertise & monetize via Captive portal, which allows operators to take full advantage of direct communication with their customers.

Integrated Captive Portal

The hexAAA integrated captive portal solution provides full UAM authentication support, whereby users can be identified by an SMS sent to their device, and multiple devices can share the same registration. The status portal monitors key information like current status, logouts, change of service and similar.