Service Management

Service Management is a dedicated management scheme that constantly monitors, analyzes and controls all of the powerful tools and services under its domain to ensure the highest quality and performance of systems operations and telco services.


Hexagon’s Service Management solution comprises three key powerful product tools: the hexQC quality control system, the hexAAA WiFi and Mobile RADIUS Server, and hexTraffic with advanced traffic analytics.

The hexQC Quality Control system provides fully automated testing, flexible interface definitions, intuitive configurations, smart and flexible emulation, and allows users to fully evaluate and present test results. The service testing system provides users with an invaluable aggregated overview of the entire system, with fully detailed drill-down capability, and the option of evaluating specific tests down to the level of captured user interface screens. And the intelligent testing system enables users to configure test sets, rules and schedules, all with the aid of a highly intuitive user interface.

Quality of service and smart charging schemes are of paramount importance for operators everywhere. So Hexagon’s hexAAA gives users full control over session times, volumes and bandwidth. The hexAAA WiFi and Mobile RADIUS Server is a powerful authentication, authorization and accounting tool that gives users unprecedented control over their interconnect systems operations. Hexagon’s hexAAA is a comprehensive server solution that allows for WiFi user identification, WiFi offloading and the ability to create effective B2B partnerships and advertising schemes. And it’s a highly effective tool for managing IP address allocation and integrating fast SMS notification with RADIUS proxy support.

Similarly, Wi-Fi offloading is a powerful and effective tool that answers a variety of needs and delivers very tangible benefits for all users in the chain. Operators can reduce network and signaling congestion on their mobile broadband networks by offloading mobile IP data traffic while maintaining connections to their customers.

Partner up and monetize: B2B Partnerships are an important source of potential revenue and reach. So operators can take good advantage of schemes that bundle free public Wi-Fi access, monetize Wi-Fi access, and advertise and monetize via Captive portal.