Routing Optimization and Interconnect Billing Solution

Find the commercially and technically optimal traffic routing scheme. Better routing, pricing and billing management makes for better business.


Telecom operators today need innovations in network and service assurance to maintain quality customer experience for complex services that span multiple technologies, vendors, and interconnect partners. And only Hexagon’s innovative network management delivers the value-added required to deliver quality, robust, real-time routing optimization.

Hexagon’s Routing Optimization is an extensive and comprehensive solution consisting of hexLCR optimized least cost routing, hexRT, real-time routing management, hexTraffic traffic analytics, hexICB interconnect billing and hexICB commitment management.

The hexLCR component serves as a system monitor, a price list and routing manager, an analysis tool and report generator. It finds commercially and technically optimal traffic routing schemes according to given criteria and boundary conditions. And it helps users employ resources efficiently by identifying and utilizing free network capacities; and constantly monitors and controls the entire operation’s commercial performance.

hexTraffic provides online access to the current state of the system and examines short- and longer-term traffic trends. It’s a highly effective process tool for checking invoices and comparing data with billing and cash flow systems, and provides key billing data for efficient interconnect billing.

Managing traffic performance is key to optimizing routing. And Traffic Analytics offers operators a unique way of managing traffic performance in real time. Because fast reactions are imperative in a highly competitive and mature market, and solid capacity planning is essential.

hexTraffic is modular, with easy configuration, automation and maximum functionality in mind. The main modules can be split and adapted according to the complexity of the existing IT infrastructure and business requirements. And hexTraffic Analytical Reporting provides users with real actionable information. Because a system without good monitoring and a facility for analyses is simply not an option.