Test Call Generator

The Ultimate Test

The hexTCG Test Call Generation is a comprehensive testing solution that integrates detailed monitoring, effective management and flexible support in order to provide optimized network operation free of unauthorized interventions.

Monitor and Maintain Interconnect Quality

Hexagon’s hexTCG system ensures network interconnect quality is closely monitored and maintained at all times. As a comprehensive solution, it features termination to foreign networks as well as termination from foreign networks back to the operator’s own network. Further, roaming quality is also closely tracked to ensure optimal network performance.

Monitor and Manage Interconnect Fraud

Today fraud is rampant, and operators well know that fraud costs. Hexagon’s hexTCG is designed to monitor interconnect fraud, and manage it effectively by addressing key sources of fraudulent actions and activity. SIM box termination, international bypass termination, tampering with calling party numbers, false- or early-answer fraud and late release fraud are all rigorously monitored in order to maximize interconnect returns and minimize losses.


Different Probes, Same Comprehensive Support

Operators employ an array of network probes, all designed to perform according to various standards and operations. As a result, Hexagon’s hexTCG is highly flexible, adaptable and comprehensive, and supports a number of key probe types, including a test call probe with a terminal device installed in a foreign network; a virtual interconnect probe defined in the network as an interconnect operator; and a virtual roaming probe that employs loopback through a roaming partner network via a VLR LU mechanism. All are designed to maximize the operator’s network performance.

Fast, Flexible and Efficient

Hexagon’s hexTCG employs both geographical network connections as well as virtual number ranges. Dedicated calling algorithms support number rotation and the creation of volumes statistically similar to standard network behaviors (ASR, ACD). Further, all relevant call-quality parameters can be accurately measured and flexibly scheduled; and the entire solution is fully optimized so that high volumes of test calls can be handled in parallel, fast and efficiently.

Complete Administrative Control

Administration features include multi-client support, which enables users to flexibly define destinations, probe parameters, call algorithms and more. Similarly, scheduling is equally flexible and volumes can be selected according to each individual client. This ensures hexTCG users have complete control over the test call generation process using monitoring, reporting and dashboard interfaces.