Fraud Management Solution

Prevent fraud & maximize margins: Hexagon’s flexible and easy solution gives users the power to detect and analyze potential interconnect fraud scenarios; and enables them to focus on developing profitable business operations.


Today fraud is rampant, and operators well know that fraud costs. And margins on telco services revenues are under constant pressure as a consequence of ever increasing competition. More than ever we need a distinct competitive advantage.

Hexagon’s Fraud Management solution consists of three key components: hexRT Real Time Fraud Prevention, the hexFraud module, and the hexTCG Test Call Generation tool.

The hexFraud module, the newest component in the hex product suite, helps detect and prevent any kind of reduction in revenue, whether it is the result of fraud or system shortcomings. That way telco provider departments, operations and entire businesses can prevent shrinking margins and instead turn consistent, sustainable profits.

The hexRT Real-time Fraud Prevention Module is designed to close the crucial shrinkage gap. Because broad functionality allows operators to actively deplete, even entirely block fraudulent traffic. It creates additional pressure on carriers to use primarily partners offering legitimate routing termination. And the Module uses a real-time interface to actively screen and manage fraudulent calls.

Hexagon’s hexTCG Test Call Generation is designed to monitor interconnect fraud and manage it effectively by addressing key sources of fraudulent actions and activity. Analyze high variations in traffic volume, origin and destination numeration, suspicious calling patterns, call parameters and call duration. Correlate calls and analyze aggregated data, swiftly and efficiently.

Monitor and maintain optimal interconnect quality. The hexTCG Test Call Generation is a comprehensive testing solution that integrates detailed monitoring, effective management and flexible support in order to provide optimized network operation free of unauthorized interventions.

Now you can optimize interconnect quality, maximize returns, minimize losses, measure and schedule flexibly, and take complete administrative control.